Magic of Life Butterfly House

Aberystwyth, Wales

The Staff at the Magic of Life

Neil Gale - Founder

Neil Gale set up the Trust in 2000 and oversaw the design and the construction of the butterfly house. Neil Manager

From an early age, he grew exotic plants as a hobby. After school, this interest took him to Asia where he spent ten months travelling around the wilderness areas of Borneo and Sumatera. It was here that the bird-sized swallowtails captured his interest in butterflies. He went on to visit many of the rain forest areas such as South America, West Africa and India. His field research meant that he could stay for months on end in the forests of Ecuador. After coming back from seven years' abroad, he worked briefly at the Countryside Council for Wales while he worked on the establishment of the butterfly house. Neil read botany at Oxford and has a Phd in rain forest ecology.

Caitlin Jones

Caitlin started work at the Butterfly House in 2013. She fronts the talks in the reception area on the insect exhibits and also carries out much of the caterpillar and butterfly care. Caitlin has always had a love for nature and has studied biology and trained as a midwife.

Caitlin Jones

Caitlin with Sampson, our Goliath beetle..

Matt Mott-Dowling

Matt works part-time at the butterfly house. He has taken on many of the heavy-duty tasks especially in the outside garden, which has flourished this year. Matt is a committed conservationist. He is currently doing a Masters in Beaver Conservation and has graduated in Marine Biology.