looks like a pitcher plant

Fly pollination. This flower appears to be an insect-eating pitcher plant but it is in fact adapted to fly pollination. The flower smells of putrefying flesh which attracts small flies. After walking around the flowers, the flies come to the rim of the flower where they fall down the tube. Small, downward pointing hairs in the 'throat' of the flower prevent them from crawling back out. In the bottom chamber, the flies are covered in pollen while they are trapped. The following day the hairs fall off and the flies are released covered in pollen. Some of these insect couriers fall down other birthwort flowers in the area, transferring the pollen when they do so. This plant species is the larval host plant to several cattleheart swallowtails (Parides).

Name: Birthwort

Latin: Aristolochia triangularis

Family: Birthwort

Origin: Tropical America