Butterfly House Consultancy

We offer a consultancy service for setting up butterfly houses in the UK.

Feeding and butterfly nutritionThe amount of nectar needed to sustain a butterfly display is often underestimated

A butterfly display is now a 'tried and tested' concept. They are popular with all groups of people and make excellent all-weather attractions. We can give best practice advice on looking after butterflies and how to avoid many of the common pitfalls that you are likely to encounter. Butterfly houses are expensive ventures to run. If you are starting from scratch, we will save you money!

We can give advice on the following areas:

  • structure & design
  • climate control e.g. heating, cooling & irrigation
  • plants & sources; nectar, architectural & larval food plants
  • butterflies & sources; a list of the best performing species
  • butterfly health, nutrition, pests & diseases
  • pupal care and puparium
  • horticultural care
  • outdoor butterfly garden

Clients: London Zoo, Natural History Museum, The Living Rain Forest