Madagascan birdwing Pharmacophagus antennor

A Madagascan Birdwing. This is the only Birdwing swallowtail found in Madagascar (Tribe Troidini). Birdwings include some of the largest and most colourful butterflies and have their centre of distribution in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. not usually seen in butterfly displays as we had to import them specially. It can be distinguished from the other Birdwing member we occasionally have, A. semperi, by its polka dot pattern on the wing. Despite Madagascar being one of the worst hit areas for rain forest destruction, this species is still quite common as its foodplant, birthwort can grow in disturbed areas.

Name: Madagascan Birdwing

Latin: Pharmacophagus antennor

Family: Swallowtail

Origin: Madagascar

Food plant: Birthwort Family

Pharmocophagus antennor Madagascar thumbnail