Blue Morpho

Jewel of the forest. Few insects on Earth rival the Blue Morpho for beauty. In the wild, the view of a Blue Morpho flying with its characteristic lazy, bouncing flight up a tropical river is sight never forgotten. The blue sheen in the tropical sun is so brilliant that even pilots can see them flying over the Amazon. This flight combined with their contrasting dull brown undersides means that the blue is seen one moment and disappears the next. This is thought to make the butterfly harder to follow for bird predators. The males are territorial and patrol up and down rivers in the morning. They are attracted to anything blue and waving blue foil can bring in a male from several hundred metres away.

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Name: Blue Morpho

Latin: Morpho peleides

Family: Nymphalidae

Origin: Central America

Food plant: The Bean Family

thumbnail Blue Morpho basking
Thumbnail Morpho underside