Magic of Life Butterfly House

Aberystwyth, Wales

Insects & Co. at the Butterfly House!

Jungle Nymph adult femaleJungle Nymph

Each year we have a number of Stick Insects or Phasmids as they are known. This female Jungle Nymph (right) is one of the bulkiest of insects when full of eggs.

Pseudocreabroter whalbergi Flower Mantis Flower Mantis

Mantids are the stars of the show. Their large eyes and apparent interest in our visitors make them quite popular. This species can change body colour after a few days depending on what colour plants we put it on. See here.. Also a video clip on the Devil's mantid ..

Katydid Katydid

Katydids are giant crickets. Often these are serious pests in farmers' fields in the Tropics.

Rhinoceeros beetleRhino beetle

This giant Rhino beetle lived for 8 months. He is father to one grub which is now the size of a man's thumb.

                    Millipede Giant Millipede

Other relatives of insects such as giant millipedes are on display. They are harmless vegetarians feeding on cucumber and oak.