Conservation and Research Projects

The Magic of Life has an active applied Research and Conservation program.

The main work of the Charity has been to spark an interest in the Natural World through giving personalised tours and talks to our visitors.  However, behind the scenes, we are carrying out work on several Conservation and Research projects.

Conservation - Rare and Threatened Invertebrates 

One fifth (21%) of all our 160 animal species kept at the Magic of Life are listed on the IUCN red data list as near-threatened or vulnerable.  Most of these are reef coral species.  Many of the others have yet to be evaluated.

Conservation of Rare Plants

Plant species and varieties are far easier to conserve ex situ compared to invertebrates, often amounting to keeping a few different clones in pots.  Using the income of the visitors coming to see the butterflies, the Magic of Life has from built up collections of rare plant groups.

Conservation and Research for Threatened Habitats

Research Documents for Butterfly Houses and Enthusiasts

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